Training Your Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Swim

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With summer season approaching you want to train your Miniature Schnauzer puppy to swim.

 A puppy’s first encounter can be fun in a swimming pool, pond, or lake. Whatever your puppy will swim in, it will be interesting to see how he takes to the water.

Some dogs love the water from the start. Others must be encouraged to dip their paws into what they see as strange stuff moving before them. Then, some dogs will have nothing to do with entering water other than their usual bathtub!

Training Your Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Swim May Need Patience

A small swimming pool is ideal for introducing a puppy to the water. If your puppy is happy to jump in the water right from the start, then you are very fortunate.

It is more likely you will need to introduce your puppy to the water by sitting at the side of the pool and gently splashing some water on his feet.

Ideally, if you can get in the pool that may encourage puppy to test the water.  You could hold the puppy in your arms and gently show him how much fun the water is, but just take it slowly.  If a puppy gets a fright at the start, it is more than likely he will never be a swimmer.

Most Importantly

Do not force your Miniature Schnauzer puppy, or any other breed of puppy, to enter the water.  If your puppy is going to be a swimmer, he will do it in his own time.  Never force him into the water. Forcing a puppy to swim usually results in his fear of the water and no longer an interest in swimming.

Ensure your keenness for the puppy to swim doesn’t take away the enjoyment he could experience as he matures.

Don’t deprive your puppy of the enjoyment of playtime at the beach, swimming pool or other suitable venue. Alternatively, look forward to fun times in the future as your puppy matures.

Playing in the Water with Other Dogs

An opportunity to take your puppy swimming with other dogs, preferably one that you know, is a good way to introduce the puppy to the water.  When a puppy sees other dogs having fun he could want to join in and be part of the pleasure.

You might enjoy this video!

Your Puppy Building Confidence

Whatever your approach in training your Miniature Schnauzer puppy to swim, he must build his confidence. Just give him the time he needs to get the feel of water.  Your puppy might not take to the water immediately.  Several trips to the swimming area may be necessary before a puppy is confident enough to get in the water and start swimming.

Life Jackets for Dogs

Life Jackets are available for dogs as can be seen in the picture at the top of this page, as well as the images below. There is a wide range of Life Jackets to choose from in varying styles, colours and sizes to suit individual dogs.  If your puppy appears nervous swimming, a Life Jacket may be of help.

Also if you intend to take your dog on a boat excursion, even for a short spin on the harbour, he must wear a Life Jacket.

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Puppy Swimming in Public Areas

Dogs are not allowed on public beaches and around lakes where there is a vast population.  Usually, though, there are times when dogs are permitted on a beach or around lake areas.

Please never let your dog or puppy loose in the water on his own, however confident he may be. Nothing is more fearful than seeing a dog swim in the deep water with no one nearby.

I am sure you wouldn’t do that, but I have seen it happen, which is frightening. Whatever the dog’s strength, the water could get far beyond a safe depth.  Not a good thought!

This article was initially published in March 2017 and updated in October 2023

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8 thoughts on “Training Your Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Swim”

  1. My schnauzer fell into my pool and could not get out. I got him out. He does not seem to like the water but sometimes is nosy to see what might be Going on in the pool. He for the first Time slipped and fell in. Should I put him in the water and teach him to go to the steps or not? Thanks

    • Hi John, that was not a good experience for your schnauzer and to save him from a similar event I believe it would be good to teach him to use the steps. If you can teach him to use the steps, then there should not be any concern if he slips again into the water.

      However, in saying that, it depends on your dog’s nature. He may become extremely nervous in the water as was the case with a much-loved schnauzer that was part of my extended family.

      My preference would be to take time and patience with your schnauzer and encourage him to enjoy the water. Try to make a game of his time in the pool and hopefully, that will save him from further unpleasant experiences.

      John, please understand that I’m not a dog trainer. I’m a devoted lover of dogs and can talk only of my experiences.


    • Hi Karen, That’s a really good question you’ve asked. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to answer. As I mention in the post, just slowing introducing your puppy to a swimming pool by sitting on the edge of the pool and gently splashing water around the two of you may work. It’s about helping your puppy feel safe and experiencing some fun, rather than fear of water.

      I do hope you can help your pup to find some pleasure about water. As you would do with a young child, just take this in small steps and your pup could end up loving the water and not wanting to get out of the pool.

      Wishing you and your pup lots of pleasure, especially around water.

  2. I love dogs. I think most dogs love to swim. However, their first time could be very intimidating. This post makes me want to get a new puppy. There are some great tips there. I agree that you should not force your dog to the swimming pool. If they’re scared, they won’t be able to love the water in the future.

    • Hi Kien, Thanks for commenting. Dogs certainly are adorable and if you do get a new puppy it would be wise to research those that take happily to the water. Some dog breeds are not so keen on swimming. Also, gentle introduction to swimming is wise, for all puppies.

  3. Oh my goodness. First off, I just love your site so much. Cuteness overload. Secondly, I wish I would have known this before my pups were grown. I had always assumed that if a dog wanted to swim, he would, and that it wasn’t something that could actually be approached in a way to teach them, in a manner to where they could actually learn to like it. We have a pool and my two won’t get near it, although they are 4 years old now, I wonder is it too late for them?

    • Jen, it would be wonderful if you could get your pups to swim. I’d love to be able to say that you could train them, but at 4 years of age I’m not sure. Some dogs just don’t like the water and they can’t be enticed to swim.

      If you were able to borrow a couple of life jackets to fit your pups it would be worth a try. You would need two jackets as pups would have to be in the water at the same time, for moral support.

      I do hope you get the opportunity to test it out. And, thanks so much for visiting the website. I’m pleased you enjoyed the experience

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