Training a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Come When Called

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Training a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Come When CalledSo, you’ve given your delightful Miniature Schnauzer puppy the freedom of being outside the house but you can’t get her to come when you call her.

Although this is tiresome for you, it is quite normal behavior with a young dog.  It is natural for dogs to enjoy the freedom of outdoors, but you know there is the potential of danger.  Maybe even the fear of your puppy running to somewhere you can’t find her.

The first step in training a puppy to come when called is much easier if you have already established yourself as pack leader of your puppy.

Role of Pack Leader

First time dog owners may not be aware that the role they play in relation to their dog is Pack Leader.

The normal behaviour of dogs is to follow the pack leader, and that is what your dog is looking for in you.

If you don’t take on the role of Pack Leader, your dog will be very happy to oblige.  If your dog believes he/she is the pack leader, then training your dog is difficult, if not impossible.

Do not let this happen.  The result of your dog being pack leader is not good for either you or your dog.

More information about being Pack Leader is available here.
Now that you have established yourself in the role of Pack Leader, you are in control of training your puppy to come to when called.

To train your puppy to come when called you will require:

  • A long rope – several meters in length.
  • A supply of special treats that your dog really loves and enjoys.
  • At least 15 to 20 minutes for the first training.

If you have a large outside area at home, you could start the training there.

Alternatively, take puppy to a park or public area suitable for dog training.

  • Connect the long rope to puppy’s collar and let her go as far from you as the rope extends, of course keeping hold of the rope.
  • Let puppy look around, sniff the grass and feel some freedom.
  • When you are ready to call her back, have some treats in your hand.
  • Call her by name.  When she returns to you, praise and pat her and give her some treats.
  • Let her go again and have some freedom again.   Then call her back to you, praise her and give her treats again.

Continue this training several times by letting your puppy go away from you and rewarding her when she returns.

When you are ready to complete this training session, call puppy back to you, make a fuss of her and give her treats.  Then holding her collar, shorten the rope.  Continue to tell her how good she is!

This type of training will need to be repeated many times.  It is not a quick training.  In saying that, it varies with different dogs.

Never punish your puppy or dog for not returning to your call

A dog that receives punishment will never be well trained.  Punishment sets up long term fear with dogs.
I am sure you would never punish your dog, but some people do hand out punishment and that leads only to trouble.
Training a puppy to come when called is a most important training, particularly for safety reasons.

Training a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Come When CalledWhen a dog owner becomes fearful of their dog running far away, or getting into danger, this fear can influence a dog and delay results with training.

If you are at stage where you really need help with training your puppy, or older dog, I encourage you to have a look at Doggy Dan’s training.  Dan has a range of videos about training dogs to come when called.  You can watch Dan working with dogs and see the results he gets.  It is truly amazing what Dan can teach about dog training.

To learn more about Dan’s training you can view his free videos by clicking on this link.

I wish you years of happiness with your beloved dog, whether he or she is a Miniature Schnauzer or another wonderful breed of dog.


I welcome your comments or questions.  Please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you.


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8 thoughts on “Training a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Come When Called”

  1. Good Day, Valerie and thanks for this great read on dog training. I have a Husky cross that has grown up to be an excellent companion for all my wilderness activities.

    Being pack leader for your dog is extremely important and I am so pleased that you mention this as number one. Training your dog to return on command is also necessary for their safety.

    I am also happy to see links to other trainers because they expose us to other ideas of helping our dogs grow up healthy, safe and friendly.

    A must read for all dog owners and a fine place for my return. Keep up the great work.


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks very much for visiting and leaving your comment.

      I’m delighted to read about your Husky cross. I can picture you out in the wilderness with your wonderful canine companion by your side and being protective of you. Dogs are amazing creatures. How fortunate we are to have them.

      I look forward to you returning to my website. I have plans to extend it and add more benefit for dog owners, both new and not-so-new.

      All the best.

  2. Hi Valerie.

    This is a very helpful article for dog owners. I don’t currently own a dog. I have had dogs in the past and have not known how to deal with this problem.

    I can see how this would work. Positive reinforcement for returning to you when called. I will pass this on to any dog owners who are having this problem.


    • Hi Jeannie

      Thank you for visiting my website and for your comment.

      It is difficult to cope with dogs that don’t respond to their owner’s command. The younger the dog is when trained the better, of course. Patience goes along way, and praise and treats do too. However, the role of pack leader is the most important, and that is something that many new dog owners don’t understand.

      Passing on the information to dog owners experiencing difficulty would be appreciated by all.

  3. Hello here. These Miniature Mini Schnauzer dogs are so cute. I had one few years ago. They are active and energetic dogs.
    I like advice about long rope. These dogs are little and they can be handled wth the help of rope. It is important work in a gentle manner because dogs can hear hundred times better compare with us.
    As you mentioned treats are great way to establish routine. I think it is the same as with people. Everybody likes nice behavior.
    Thanks for informative read, all the best, Nemira.

    • Hi Nemira

      Thank you for leaving your comment, and I’m pleased to hear you have been the owner of a Mini Schnauzer. I agree they are active and energetic by nature but reasonably easy to train.

      It is interesting what you say about dog hearing. They hear things that we humans cannot. Their hearing is extremely acute. And as for treats – well they go a long way with training. In fact dog treats are essential when training all dogs, both small and large.

  4. Hi Valerie, I’m definitely taking these helpful dog trainings on board. I have 2 puppies to train at home.
    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Issac,

      Thank you for stopping by my website.

      I’m delighted to know that you have 2 puppies to train. That is exciting for you and I wish you all the best with the training. I hope various training tips on this site are of great help to you.

      Wishing you happy puppy training.

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