Stop Puppy Biting and Be Proud of Your Miniature Schnauzer

Stop Puppy Biting

How to stop a Miniature Schnauzer puppy biting takes time and patience on the part of the owner.

Whether your biting puppy is a Miniature Schnauzer or any other breed of dog you will need to have patience with your pet. You will also need to understand why your puppy continues to bite even though you are spending time trying to teach him to stop biting everything he sees.

It is disappointing when a newly adopted puppy takes to everything in sight with his teeth.

The pleasure you expected to have by bringing your new Miniature Schnauzer puppy into your home is soon forgotten. Loss of visitors and being isolated from your friends will not benefit you, or your Miniature Schnauzer.

How can you show off your lovely puppy and how well behaved he is?  People have been frightened away by what they saw as poor behaviour at first meeting your Miniature Schnauzer.

Even if the biting is only in play it’s not easy for others, particularly those who are not true dog lovers, to believe that your Miniature Schnauzer will out-grow his biting tendency.

To ease your pain from negative comments you may receive about your Miniature Schnauzer, the best and most important action you can take to stop puppy biting is to start training soon after bringing him into your home.

It is essential to let your puppy settle in over the first few days and be comfortable in his surroundings. But be aware you can’t delay training too long as your Miniature Schnauzer is an intelligent member of your household.  Your puppy will quickly learn to get the better of you if you allow him to take control.

As soon as you see he has reasonably settled it is time to deal with his biting or nipping and to let him know that this is not acceptable behaviour.

There may be reasons other than play that cause your Miniature Schnauzer to bite such as cutting teeth, being in a strange environment or his protection of you. Whatever the reason it is vitally important that you learn how to stop your puppy biting and nipping so that no one suffers the effects of a canine bite.

Cutting Teeth

Although we can’t remember cutting our first teeth, most of us have experienced seeing babies going through some agony when their first teeth are coming through. So, is it any different for puppies? I doubt it. Therefore we need to be patient with our puppies and yelling, screaming or hitting will not do the slightest good; it will only cause anxiety and nervousness to your puppy and make the situation worse.

Your puppy needs to be quietened by placing him, immediately he is biting, into his crate or a space that he is familiar with and can be on his own for a period of time. Ignoring him is the most effective discipline to use at this time. Don’t even look at him. Let him know that he will not be rewarded for biting whatever the cause.

Stop Puppy Biting When in Strange Environment

Puppies can feel threatened by strangers or when being taken into an area they are not familiar with. You need to be extra vigilant when allowing your Miniature Schnauzer around strangers or strange areas. It is good practice to have something such as a metal container with marbles or small pebbles or even coins in it so that you can startle your puppy by shaking the container immediately he shows signs of biting or nipping. Keep him on his leash and ignore him. Don’t yell at him or hit him, and above all do not pet him.

Your Mini Schnauzer’s Role in Protecting You

Bonding of Miniature Schnauzers with their owner is a delight to see. Their faithfulness and loyalty to you as their owner are outstanding traits that bring true pleasure.

On the other hand, these traits can cause concern when someone unknown to your puppy approaches you. It is likely that he will see this person as a threat to you and use his biting technique to warn this stranger off.

With training, your Miniature Schnauzer will learn that every stranger is not a threat to you or him. But until you are certain that he has learned to cope with strangers, be sure to keep alert to the possibility of your Miniature Schnauzer biting in defence of you.

Kindness and Caring in Training Your Miniature Schnauzer Are of Great Importance

Be firm with your puppy and show him that you are the controller of all situations. Show him your disapproval of bad behaviour by ignoring him completely.

Do not give rewards or any form of petting until such time as your puppy has quietened down. He is sure to give you his best and irresistible doggy look, pleading to you with his appealing eyes, head on one side looking for your love and attention. Of course, you will respond – how could you not do so? But don’t respond too quickly. Keep him waiting for a few minutes.

Remember that you are the one who will make or break him. Your influence and training will make him the lovable and much-loved pet that you dreamed of having.

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Love him, adore him, but do not spoil him. Do your puppy justice by giving the best training possible. That way you will both have many years of happiness together.

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