How to Keep a Miniature Schnauzer Dry In Rainy Weather

keep a miniature schnauzer dry in rainy weather

For a Miniature Schnauzer owner, rainy weather raises the question of how to keep your dog dry. This applies to most dogs, other than working dogs, of course. They are hardy and deal quickly with climatic conditions.

Whether a Miniature Schnauzer or any other dog should be kept dry in rainy weather is a matter of choice. Some dog owners encourage their dogs to play outside in the rain and enjoy the muddy puddles.

Alternatively, some dog owners prefer not to have their dog soaked by the rain, nor have muddy paws to deal with when the dog enters back into the house.

Dog owners can choose whether to walk their dogs in the rain. But, it is essential to be aware that even though walking is necessary for exercise, not all dogs can cope with rain. Heavy rain pouring down and saturating the coat can cause dog discomfort. Some dogs can get by with a shower, and this usually depends on their breed.

Consider the Age and Health of your Miniature Schnauzer

Though of small stature, the Miniature Schnauzer is sturdy and usually can cope with rainy weather. But it’s not always a matter of a dog enjoying or disliking the rain. The question of how to keep a Miniature Schnauzer dry in rainy weather is sometimes due to the age or health of a dog.

As they age, some dogs are susceptible to joint stiffness that causes pain. Health conditions such as these should be considered when deciding to walk or not walk a dog in wet weather.

Even in dry weather, if the temperatures are cold, provision should be made to keep a dog warm. This applies not only to being outdoors but also indoors.

Suitable dog clothing is available to protect dogs when walking in the rain. Also, warm jackets will help to keep a dog from suffering cold temperatures.

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Managing Potty Training on Rainy Days

Other than walking a dog for exercise, toileting times must be dealt with. When potty training a young dog, be it a Miniature Schnauzer or any other breed, attention to this training must be regular despite the weather.

As seen above, various rainwear is available for dogs, including leash-type umbrellas. These might be a little cumbersome, but they can be the answer to keeping a dog dry during the potty training period when the puppy decides to take his time in finding the right spot to complete the task!

Whatever the choice, whether it is rain gear or not, walking your dog for exercise needs to be a pleasant experience for both you and your pup. Make it the best you can.

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