Learn How to Be Pack Leader of Your Dog – A Necessary Skill

learn how to be pack leader of your dogLearn how to be pack leader of your dog before, or as soon as, you become a dog owner.

Pack Leading is a skill that all dog owners need.  Unfortunately, not everyone who owns a dog learns the skill of pack leading.  This is when dog problems occur because a dog that is not being led correctly will take on the role of leader.  Let this happen and you have a formula for disaster.  Your dog will not respect you, or your efforts to direct him. The result is a disobedient dog which is not an enjoyable situation.

As the owner of your dog, you must be the Pack Leader.  Your role is to make the decisions on how your puppy is to behave in different situations such as going for a walk. Also, how to respond to numerous things that he comes across both in the home and outside.

To learn how to be pack leader of your dog it is vital that you understand the importance of how dog packs work and that as pack leader it is your responsibility to make all the decisions.  It’s perfectly natural that your puppy doesn’t know what’s the right or wrong thing for him to do in this big wide world and it’s your job to lead him so that he doesn’t get into serious trouble by making a mistake through lack of leadership.

To be pack leader of your dog it’s important for you to understand those possessions you value such as your house, your car and your income mean absolutely nothing to your dog. He is interested mainly in the food you give him to eat, a nice warm place to sleep, the games you play with him and, most of all, pleasing you. That’s his world.

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Commanding your dog to sit before you place his meal down is far short of what you need to achieve to become a pack leader.

Dominating your dog is definitely not the way to become a good pack leader, and using physical strength is absolutely not acceptable as you will torment your dog and he will see you as a tyrant and not worthy of being a pack leader.

What You Need to Learn to be Pack Leader of Your Dog

Dogs throughout the world, of all breeds, use the same ways to check and establish the pack leader.

Important areas for you to take control:

  • When your dog barks and alerts you to danger, as pack leader you will be calm and in total control.  This includes anything that your puppy thinks may be dangerous in and around the property, and consequently barks at.
  • When you are walking with your puppy he should not pull you at any stage, even right from the start.  I’ve found the best way to learn to walk your puppy correctly is by watching video on this site about Leash Training; you can watch it as many times as you need to without disturbing or bothering anybody else.
  • If you are the pack leader then your dog should be able to relax and switch off completely inside the house. If your dog is always switched on and can’t relax then it is he who is on pack leader duty!
  • There is a direct connection between how you meet and greet your puppy when you return home and getting him to switch off.  The difference between being the pack leader or the follower is slight but ingenious, and this is well explained by Doggy Dan on his video training.
  • Finally, the way you feed your dog will define who the pack leader is and there is a lot more to it than getting him to sit. Also, if your dog is not motivated by food you may be rather taken aback.

Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer of long-standing.  He is an expert in training all breeds of dogs and has a vast range of videos that clearly teach all the different aspects of dog training.

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