How to Keep Your Mini Schnauzer Safe on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve celebrations are almost upon us. So much fun to be had with family and friends. If you are hosting a New Year’s Party, no doubt you will be busy with preparations. Much food to prepare unless all visitors are contributing. Even so, that doesn’t release you entirely from providing some form of supplies, as well as arranging for adequate seating, decorations and a heap of other things.

So, How can You Keep your Mini Schnauzer Safe on New Year’s Eve and still Enjoy the Party you are Preparing?

While your thoughts are on adults and any children who may be attending your party, your puppy will be picking up vibes of excitement. Some dogs love to join in the fun. Others prefer to find a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle that’s building up in the atmosphere. That usually applies to an older dog, I believe.

Be Sure to Recognize Anxiety Your Puppy Is Showing

A family member can play a large role in caring for your puppy before the arrival of guests. But, when guests start arriving, that family member may lose interest and focus on the guests. Therefore, you will need to keep a close watch on your puppy for any evidence of anxiety.

Most puppies are keen to welcome visitors and make friends with those who they have not met before. Stopping a puppy from being involved such as putting him in another room, or in a crate, could cause anxiety and consequently misery. That’s something no-one needs especially at the time of a celebration when everyone should be happy, including your pup.

Continual Barking Can Be a Problem During Celebrations

A dog’s constant barking can be a problem and often happens during times of celebration, such as a New Year’s Eve party.

If this happens with your puppy, it will be essential to take some action. Often, visitors can cope with a barking dog. If the barking becomes too much for a visitor, they have the option of politely leaving. No doubt, this would be disappointing for all concerned. Preferably, with proper management, this can be avoided.

Consider Your Neighborhood

Neighbours are an entirely different matter. I’ve known of neighbours to report continual barking to Council Authorities. In spite of special occasion celebrations, often barking within a neighbourhood is not tolerated.

Some dog owners use a Bark Collar to stop their dog’s excessive barking. I do not recommend these collars and believe they are harmful. Please make every effort to overcome barking problems with methods other than using these collars that give electric shocks.

Quietening Your Dog With Treats

Keeping Mini Schnauzer Safe at New Year with the right Dog TreatsIt’s almost a certainty that treating your puppy with his/her favourite treat will help to calm puppy. At least that is an option.

However, it’s vital that visitors do not offer your puppy food from their plate, or even taken from the table.

Some foods can harm a dog of any age. Be strict about making visitors aware that they must not give to your puppy, any food at all.

When a puppy looks soulfully at someone partaking of food, it is natural to feel an urge to please the puppy. However, this is not wise concerning the possibility of causing illness to a dog. Also, it will interfere with the way you are training your pup.

Keeping an Eye on Your Puppy Throughout the Party  

There are many things your puppy could get up to while you’re not looking.

For instance, it’s usual for Christmas decorations to still be on display at New Year. Leave puppy on his own while your attention is on your visitors and goodness knows what could happen.

‘Aha, thinks puppy. Now I can have a chew at those decorations while no-one is looking.’

I am aware this has happened more than once. Although I have not experienced a severe problem, this is always a possibility of internal harm.

And Then There Are the Fireworks 

Keep Mini Schnauzer Safe on New Years EveThe setting off fireworks at midnight, or any time at all, is a problem for dog owners. It would need to be a very well-trained dog that didn’t bark at the sound of fireworks.

Whether fireworks are at your home, or nearby, you will need to expect barking from your dog.

With all things considered, it is the regular practice of a canine pet to alert their owner to danger. The sound of fireworks triggers danger in your dog’s mind. So, of course, he/she will take on the role of raising awareness.

Enjoy Your New Year’s Eve Celebration Party

I sincerely hope that you have a grand time welcoming in not only a New Year but a New Decade.

For problems with your puppy, help is available for getting the best from your puppy, and for your puppy.

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