How to Train a Dog Despite Your Hearing Loss

Train a Dog Despite Your Hearing LossDon’t let your hearing loss stop you from the pleasure of owning a dog. You can train a dog despite your hearing loss.

I understand that there is specialised training for people with hearing disability. However, in the case of those whose hearing loss is minimal, I believe personal training of your dog is possible.

I can not say from my own experience that a person with hearing loss can train their dog. The reason I am telling you this is that Doggy Dan, a dog trainer with vast experience, has brought this to my attention. I feel this definitely worth sharing with you. I certainly don’t want you to not benefit from what could be one of the most valuable dog training that can be of help to you.

Be Sure Not to Miss Out on Owning a Dog Due to Hearing Loss

Dog lovers gain so much from their beloved canine pets and to miss out on owning a dog due to a disability is dreadful, and not necessary in most cases.

Doggy Dan says that dogs thrive on sign language-based commands. Of course, that is true, particularly with outside activity. For instance, when going with your dog to a park and letting him run freely, sign language is usually needed to get him to return to start heading home again.  That is one example.  I’m sure there are many others.

How a Hearing Dog Can Bring Such a Pleasure to the Owner

A friend of mine who is hard of hearing owns delightful Shih Tzu. He is a service dog and so cute and lovely. Together they have a wonderful time. They travel the country-side throughout the summer months. Walking together is one of their favourite pass-times.

When he is visiting along with his owner, this little fellow behaves so well. The only thing he gets excited about is when seeing through a glass doorway, another dog outside. He makes no excuse for his loud barking. When that dog is out-of-sight, this little fellow quietens down and is once again his sweet little self.

He is such a well-trained dog that never does he bother people about sharing their morning or afternoon tea with him. He does look a little envious but within seconds, walks away and usually curls ups for a nod-off!

The Reason for this Real-Life Story

I’ve told you that story because even if you are experiencing difficulties with hearing, you can undoubtedly have the pleasure of owning a dog.

It is possible to train any breed of dog to respond to sounds that their owner is unable to hear.

With a hearing-trained dog, there is no concern about not being aware of a visitor to your home knocking on the door, or ringing the doorbell. With sounds such as an alarm-clock or stove-timer a trained hearing dog will alert their owner that the alarm is ringing and time is up for that task.

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Enjoy the Comfort and Company of a Dog in Your Household

Dog Training Program for Deaf Dog OwnersI’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how much benefit there is being a dog owner. Animals such as beautiful loving dogs give so much pleasure.

Therefore, if the loss of hearing is the reason for not having the pleasure of a dog in your own home, I do recommend taking a look at what Doggy Dan offers.  

I trust this will be the help you need to train the new dog that will be with you every-day assisting with life activities.

Best wishes.

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