How to Potty Train Miniature Schnauzer Puppy With Ease

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How to potty train a Miniature Schnauzer puppy with ease might sound simple, but it can be a stressful time as this training can test our patience and sometimes lead a new owner to despair.

As owners of, and providers for, our new Miniature Schnauzer puppy we need to put ourselves in our puppy’s ‘shoes’ so to speak and think about how this young one feels with so much to cope with. All of a sudden he is no longer in his warm and secure environment, the only place he has ever known, living with his mother and brothers and sisters.  He has suddenly found himself in an unfamiliar place with lots of rules  – new surroundings – strange people – no siblings to cuddle up to – the uncertainty of this ‘great big place‘.

To potty train a Miniature Schnauzer puppy correctly, a lot of time and heaps of patience are needed. An owner can become fully stretched in respect to tolerance if the puppy is not able to understand the owner’s commands.

The good news is that most puppies respond well to their owner’s commands and, although some accidents with a young puppy are inevitable, it can be said that the behaviour of a puppy is as good as the training given by the owner.

So with that said, let’s look at what can be done to potty train your Miniature Schnauzer puppy with pleasure, rather than experiencing a time of despair or desperation.

Where will Puppy’s Toilet Be?

Are you providing a litter tray, or will you be teaching your puppy that out-of-doors is where his toilet area is? You will want to make this decision according to your personal likes and dislikes as well as being influenced by your Miniature Schnauzer puppy’s age and size, and also on what works best for the area inside or outside your home.

What Word or Phrase Will be Used for Toilet Training Only?

Always use this same command as a tool to potty train your Miniature Schnauzer puppy. It might be ‘potty time’, ‘toilet time’, ‘go potty’ or whatever. I’ve heard a few intricate phrases used in this respect, and most of them have been amusing and nice, so choose something to say that makes this a happy time rather than a chore.

Puppies love to please their owner and they love to be made a fuss of for being good, so you can be sure that your Miniature Schnauzer puppy will go out of his way to please you. It is important that you remain regimented in keeping your decisions so as not to confuse your puppy. Along with this regimentation, try to keep your voice light and happy as it is essential that your puppy understands toilet time to be a good time in his life; not a time to be feared.

Decide on a Feeding Routine

Regular mealtimes are important particularly for a young puppy, and this helps to form a pattern of when or how long after a meal that puppy is likely to need to relieve himself. This requires care on your behalf in getting to know your Miniature Schnauzer puppy and the way his body-clock works. Every puppy is different of course, so it can’t be said that it will be a certain period of time after a meal that he will need to go to the toilet. It is up to you to watch for the signals your puppy is conveying to you.


Drinking Water in the Evening

To potty train your Miniature Schnauzer easily through the night, be sure to restrict water after his evening meal. Feed your puppy early enough to allow him to have a drink of water in the early evening but certainly not within an hour of his bedtime.

Importance of Potty Training Before Bed

Don’t miss a night to potty train your Miniature Schnauzer puppy. Make sure that you take the puppy through his usual nighttime potty training routine. This is essential and you may find it rather exasperating initially but with your patience and understanding, he will learn to respond appropriately.

Waking in the Morning

Hopefully, your puppy will remain dry through the night time but he will need to relieve himself early in the morning and it’s important that you provide for this by waking early enough to attend to his needs.

Praising your Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

When your puppy has urinated or passed a motion, make sure to praise him. Tell him that he is a good boy, or good girl, whatever words you wish to use, and then give the puppy a treat. Treats are important in the early stages of training your puppy but do not be concerned that treats are forever.  Once the puppy is well trained, the puppy will forget the treats as there will be more important things in his life. Potty time will by then not be training any longer, it will be routine and part of the daily round of duties.

To summarize, the main areas where diligence must be applied for very young puppies are:

  • puppy learning about his surroundings
  • identifying the puppy’s toilet area
  • a specific word or phrase for potty training
  • feeding routine
  • drinking water
  • waking in the morning
  • praising puppy for good behaviour
  • playtime diligence on your behalf

And Last of All – Create a Happy Environment

When your Miniature Schnauzer puppy has an accident, as he will when very young, be absolutely sure not to punish him. That is the worst thing you can do as he will become timid and scared of receiving more punishment. If this happens you will have an ongoing problem to potty train your Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

The most you should say to your puppy is ‘No’. Show him what he has done and tell him ‘no, not here’. Be sure not to use the word ‘good’ as in ‘no, not good’, as this will again confuse your puppy. He won’t know the difference between when you tell him he is ‘a good boy’ and when you tell him ‘no, not good’. It is essential to use the word ‘good’ appropriately when training a puppy in any form of obedience.

Always show love and respect to your puppy – he is always there for you, whatever the circumstance.

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  1. My 7 month old puppy is still not reliable. She never lets me know when she needs to go out. I made the mistake of putting puppy pads out when I first got her so now she’ll go to those spots still even though I put them away and enzyme cleaned the area. I have a bell on the utility room door and ring it and say “out” when I take her out – first thing in the morning, 30 minutes after a meal, every 3-4 hours during the day. She is crate trained, sleeps through the night.

    • Hi JoAnn, I understand the problem you are having with your puppy. When a puppy has been allowed to follow a certain behaviour it is difficult to change that.
      As I am not a professional dog trainer I’m sorry that I’m not able to help you. I recommend speaking with your Vet. I’m not sure that a Vet can help but you definitely need some professional advice.

      I thank you for visiting my website and sincerely hope you find a solution to the problem you are currently experiencing.

      With best wishes,

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