How to Ensure Safety When Travelling With a Dog in a Car

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How to Ensure Safety when Driving with a DogThere are dogs that adore going for a ride in the family car. They get really excited when they realize they are about to have an outing in the car.

However, it is reality that some dogs do not like car rides and get quite agitated when they see the vehicle.

Either way, there are times when it is necessary to take a puppy, or older dog, on a car journey.

So How Do We Ensure Safety When Travelling With Our Dog

It is quite common to see a car go by with a dog sitting in the front passenger seat. Other times dogs can be seen in the back seat of a car, either alone or with an adult or children.

Some countries have regulations about the way a dog must travel in a vehicle, and that certainly makes sense.

After all, it is a common rule in most countries that seat belts are worn by adults and older children. Young children must be strapped into a special child’s car seat.

Therefore, Why Should We Allow Our Dogs to Be Free in a Car?

Rules should apply to dogs travelling in vehicles.  The thought of a dog’s reaction in the event of an accident is unbearable.

There are a variety of vehicle restrains to suit the size of a dog, and these restraints are easily attainable.

The two restraints below are of different styles, and both work efficiently.

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If your dog is timid and doesn’t enjoy travelling in a car, the comfortable crate might be the better option for your pup.

However, on a long journey, if your dog gets restless and moves out of the crate, he would not have the support provided by the two options above.

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Having looked at different options for keeping your dog safe when travelling in the car, let’s look at what else is needed when going on a lengthy journey.

Whether or not your dog will travel in a crate, or have the benefit of a vehicle restraint, you will need to take with you:

  • A bowl for your dog to drink from.
  • Water for the bowl.
  • Dog Food
  • Dog Treats
  • First Aid Kit
  • A strong leash to use when getting your pup out of the car.


Do Not Leave Your Dog In the Car Alone

It is of great importance that your dog is not left alone in the car.

Dogs feel the heat before we do.  They cannot tolerate the high temperature of the interior of a vehicle with just a small opening of the windows.

It is cruelty to a dog to leave him or her alone in a car or any other type of vehicle.

So remember to take that strong leash for walking your dog whenever you leave the car.  Let your dog walk in the fresh air and stretch his legs, just as we like to do when on a long journey.

I welcome your comments and questions.  Please leave them below.


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2 thoughts on “How to Ensure Safety When Travelling With a Dog in a Car”

  1. Good morning
    It is nice how much you care about the well being of our dogs. We live in a hot country and can never leave our little puppy in the car while shopping. Sometimes it is a bit difficult though due to dogs not being allowed in shopping malls. Just lately I learned something new, in front of this big shopping mall a lady built a small hut and offers to guard dogs while people are shopping inside, what a good business model!!
    For our dog in the car, I think the petom pet car seat carrier is the best solution. we have this little chihuahua and he’ll love that.
    Thanks for the tips

    • Hi Stefan, What a great idea of that lady to guard dogs for people who are shopping. That would be a huge help knowing that our dog was safe while in a store. So often I have seen dogs tied to a lamp post, or other device, while the owner has been inside a store or even a coffee shop. It makes me cringe to see such disrespect to one’s animal. Twice I have seen beautiful Miniature Schnauzers waiting patiently outside shops for their owner. I could never to that to my dog. It is so unkind.
      I am sure your Chihuahua would feel very safe in a Pettom car seat.

      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving your comment.

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