How To Calm an Over Excited Puppy

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how to calm an over excited puppyHow to calm an over excited puppy or adult dog is a skill that dog owners need to learn.  It can be difficult to deal with a puppy or older dog that is over excited, especially if we don’t know the reason for their excitement.

Your Miniature Schnauzer is no different to other dogs when it comes to being over excited.

As much as we love our pets, when they are hyperactive or over excited we have to find a way to help them.  They need to calm down and relax.

It’s impossible to get on with life when a dog is constantly barking.

Barking may not be the problem; perhaps they are jumping all the over the furniture.  Or they’re chasing anything that moves.  Maybe they’re chasing a shadow.  And it is worse still when the dog is chasing its own shadow.  I’ve seen that happen, and I’m sure you would have seen that too.  It could be expected that a dog chasing its shadow would become exhausted, but that often is not the case.


So How Can We Help Our Over Excited Puppy?

As the owner of your puppy or dog the best way you can help him is to remember that you are the pack leader.  The pack leader is in control and decides the dog’s behavior.

Your dog needs to settle down and become calm.  Therefore, your role is to lead by discouraging your dog to continue his hyperactive behavior.

  • Ignore your dog. Do not make eye contact with him.
  • Definitely do not shout at your dog in an effort to keep him calm.


What Is the Reason for a Dog to Become Overly Excited?

It could be that something has caught your dog’s attention.  Was he looking out the window and saw another dog walking along the pavement?  Perhaps this upset your dog and he is trying to let you know.

  • What your dog needs to learn is that getting over excited will not provide him with a playmate or friend.
  • It could be that your dog is bored and wants your attention. He needs to learn that being hyperactive will not make you pay him the attention he wants.

This is not the time to feel sorry for your dog that he is the one and only, and doesn’t have a playmate.  That will make matters worse.  Keep control and let him see that you are calm and not interested in his troublesome behavior.

What can be helpful is to quietly give your dog one of his toys.  But, do not cause interaction by playing with the toy.  Just place the toy on the floor or in his bed, if it is nearby.  Leave it where your dog can see the toy.

  • The lesson for your dog to learn is that his bad behavior will not gain your attention.

It is quite normal for your dog to become over excited more than once.  But when you show him, by keeping calm, that you are not interested he will eventually stop these bouts of hyperactive behavior.

You can learn much more about your dog’s behavior from the Doggy Dan’s online training program.  Reading my review of the program will assist you to understand more about the help available for dog and puppy owners. It applies to all breeds including Miniature Schnauzers.

I look forward to reading your comments and opinions.  Please leave them in the space provided below.

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