Heartbeat Toy for Miniature Schnauzer Puppy’s First Night Home

A puppy’s first night home is usually memorable. It can be a pleasurable memory. Alternatively, maybe it is remembered as rather exhausting.

Nowadays, supports are available, such as comfortable dog beds, well-made dog crates and quality toys.

Taking advantage of supports such as these helps to make family life considerably easy, including that of the much-loved pet. Well, certainly much more comfortable than times before the availability of quality canine products.

Helping Puppy Overcome Emotions the First Night In a New Home

It is a sad fact that some puppies are left to suffer that first night alone, after being adopted into a family.

The first six to seven weeks of a puppy’s life is in the warmth and companionship of their mother and siblings. Suddenly, the puppy has left behind the only comfort he/she has known and taken to live in a strange environment.

This move is certainly not one that a puppy chooses. Therefore, it’s up to us as the new parent to provide the best care comfort possible to our circumstances.

Can you imagine what it would be like to sleep in the home of a stranger? That is something I would not enjoy. Neither does a young puppy get pleasure sleeping alone in a new bed, in a strange home.

When the Sun Has Gone Down on Puppy’s New Home

Even though a puppy has been warmly welcomed by new owners, when day turns to night and bed-time arrives, the puppy experiences loss of his mother and siblings.

As the owner of the new puppy, it is tough to hear the whimpering throughout the night. In many cases, the despair of the puppy gets to the heart of the new owner. Consequently, the action is to move this new delightful but unhappy puppy from its position, onto the bed of the owner.

How much damage that action can cause! One night or part of it sleeping with a new parent leads to every night of that puppy sleeping on the bed of the parent.

I know it to be a fact, due to personal experience.

Was it essential to take the puppy onto my bed?

At the time, it seemed the only humane thing to be done.

In hindsight, had we taken time to prepare for this new family member, including purchasing a comfort toy, I believe it would have been a different story.

Of course, there is always the option of strict training to return a puppy to her bed permanently. However, why go down that track when providing a comfort toy could eliminate any sleeping concerns right from the start?

Ownership of Puppy’s Toys

Watching a puppy playing with his toy is precious. Try taking the toy away from him at your peril. 

Choosing a quality toy, especially for bedtime, is a wise decision. A toy that has a short lifespan may cause distress to a still-young puppy.

A toy of great comfort for new puppies, whether Miniature Schnauzers or another breed, is a Heart Beat toy.

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A second choice is one that not only provides support for a puppy at night but it also has the same effect throughout the day.

 And the third toy has proved to be a favourite not only for bedtime but whilst the puppy is left alone during the daytime.

Each of the three toys is a heart-beat toy, and all have excellent reviews from Verified Purchasers.

That first-night experience of a puppy in a new home can be peaceful with the provision of an appropriate toy.  Be assured your puppy will love and thank you for the gift of a toy to comfort him or her.  Moreover, I’m sure the pleasure you receive will be something to remember for a lifetime.

I wish you and your puppy many happy years together. 

I hope you found something helpful by visiting this article.

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