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Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Techniques

The Online Dog Trainer program is designed to provide dog training techniques for owners of all types of dogs.  Doggy Dan, the owner of this program, is a professional dog trainer of many years experience in training dogs whether they are large, medium or small in size and stature, and whatever the breed of the dog.

Doggy Dan teaches that training dogs must be done with patience and calmness on the part of the dog’s owner, thereby eliminating fear from your dog’s learning experiences.

Dog training techniques taught by Doggy Dan are for the owner as well as the puppy or dog, as it is essential that the owner learns how to become the pack leader. Without gaining the essential skills of a pack leader an owner will not be successful with training their dog.

Training provided in The Online Dog Trainer is through means of videos. The videos are easy to follow and I was able to see an immediate improvement in a dog’s behaviour after a short period of time with Doggy Dan’s training.

Watch this Video to see Dan’s Expertise in Training Dogs, whatever Their Breed

It is quite incredible to compare the response of a dog being led or guided by a professional as opposed to that same dog having reacted so poorly to his owner.

This is the beauty of The Online Dog Trainer program as you have the resource available to become as good as the professional by just simply watching the video as many times as you need for the particular dog training techniques that you are working on at any one time.

Learning by watching video is so easy, particularly for those who enjoy visual learning rather than having to read and re-read screeds of text.  As much as the text has it’s a place, video wins hands down in my opinion as you are seeing the trainer and the dog working together.

Doggy Dan also teaches how dogs react to one another socially, and explains what each dog is doing and why they are reacting in a particular way.  These reactions are not usually understood by the layperson, but when explained by a professional such as Doggy Dan it makes perfect sense.

Although I have put a strong emphasis on the video training there is text information in the program of “Important points”, “Q & A’s” and information in respect to dangers such as incorrect food for a dog, spaying and neutering and health and diet.

Doggy Dan says that “to train a dog you need to be able to think like a dog
and he will teach you to do that.

So whether you are training a Miniature Schnauzer, a Schnoodle, a Labrador Retriever, a Border Terrier or whatever breed of dog you are training, you will learn all the skills you need from Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer.

There is so much more I could tell you about this incredible dog training program but I truly believe that the best way for you to learn is by experiencing some of the videos for yourself.

If you want to be proud of your puppy or dog, as well as proud of the way you have trained him or her, then you need to find out more about what The Online Trainer program is about.


  • Doggy Dan is a professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist who has a dedicated passion for training dogs of all breeds, therefore his teachings are of high quality.
  • The Online Dog Trainer is the world’s ONLY video-based dog training website, endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA, and constantly updated by a professional dog trainer.
  • The endorsement by the New Zealand SPCA of the Online Dog Trainer program is proof in itself that Dan’s knowledge of dog training and how to apply that knowledge is absolutely invaluable.
  • The videos reveal Doggy Dan’s genuine love of puppies and adult dogs alike.
  • Doggy Dan teaches the 5 Golden Rules of how to become a Pack Leader.
  • Doggy Dan’s training methods use ‘no fear’ and ‘no force’.
  •  Video training is a great advantage because it is easy to see just what the owner needs to do to achieve the desired result of a dog’s behaviour.
  • The program covers multiple aspects of dog training; I believe every training that one could require is covered in The Online Dog Trainer program.
  • When subscribing to The Online Dog Trainer you will receive 4 extremely valuable FREE bonuses which are yours to keep.


  •  Because this is an online program, videos need to be viewed while at the computer which is unlikely to be available while you are training.


I highly recommend viewing The Online Dog Trainer videos as this will assist you significantly with managing your puppy’s ongoing behaviour.

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