Dog Gates to Control Your Miniature Schnauzer’s Actions

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Dog Gates to Control Your Miniature SchnauzerDog Gates are particularly useful to keep control of where your Miniature Schnauzer is inside the home.

It’s impossible to keep constant watch on a puppy’s movements inside the house.  By using a dog gate, you can set puppy up in an area of your home where he/she can be comfortable and out of harm’s way.

Be aware that young dogs become bored quite quickly if there is no activity going on around them. Being prepared for whatever a puppy’s mischief of the day is being forewarned.

Appropriate Times for Using a Dog Gate

Vacuum Cleaning

When vacuuming rooms in the home, the last thing needed is for a puppy to be chasing the electric cords.  Not only could this be dangerous for puppy but also cause whoever is doing the cleaning, to fall and hurt be injured

Washing Floors

Puppy’s paw prints all over a newly washed floor is not ideal.

Family Meal Times

It is very important that a puppy is not included in the room at meal times.  I have experienced a puppy whining and begging for food at the table.  It is most unpleasant.

Visitors – Particularly Those Who Are Not Dog Lovers

It is kinder to keep puppy away from visitors who do not enjoy the company of dogs.
Animals sense when they are not wanted and times such as these can be disturbing for your pet.  Therefore it is better to put puppy in a another part of the house, or separate him by using a suitable dog gate.

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Training Puppy to be Alone

Your puppy will need to learn to be alone at times.  Therefore, spending time alone in a separate room is one way of puppy getting used to this.

Potty Training

Until a puppy is fully potty trained it is helpful to provide a suitable room where mishaps will not be a problem in the event of them occurring.

The Use of Dog Gates for Adult Miniature Schnauzers

Even when our Miniature Schnauzers become adult dogs they still love to have fun and get into mischief. And so they should. What’s life without a bit of fun!  As long as they are kept safe, a little fun along the way is what helps a family to enjoy life together.

Elderly dogs and young children are not always good together.   The dog and the child can be separated by use of a dog gate, yet still be able to see each other.

Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies and older dogs are wonderful and because we love them so much it easy to give in to them at times and let them have their own way for a while.  But, that is not always the best practice.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Gates to Control Your Miniature Schnauzer’s Actions”

  1. I have a miniature schnauzer mix. I have a baby gate that is 221/2″ high. He jumps right over it. I have looked at gates at the pet store and they are about the same size. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Kathy, that is a predicament for you. I’ve found a gate on Amazon that might suit you. It is called “Regalo Deluxe Easy Step Extra Tall Gate”. It is 41 inches tall and expands to fit openings 29 to 37.5 inches wide

      If you go to and enter the name of the gate into their browser you will be able to find more about it. This gate has excellent Customer Reviews. ships to many places around the globe.

      Alternatively, sometimes local newspapers have a ‘Want to Buy’ column. If there is such a paper in your region, perhaps you could place a request for a suitable second-hand gate.

      I’ve also found that (Canada) has this gate in stock.

      I hope this helps you to find a solution to your problem.

      Best wishes.

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