Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth Daily – Not To Be Overlooked

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Cleaning your dog’s teeth daily would be a challenge with certainly some special skills needed.  If only our pets could enjoy the action of a toothbrush, how easily a routine could be established.  I doubt that is likely to happen.

So, how do you, as the owner of a much-loved dog, manage to keep your dog’s teeth clean?

I admit that this is a task I’ve never found to be simple. Keeping teeth clean is hard enough with little children, but at least I could kindly coax them into brushing their teeth. In time, they enjoyed the effort. Unfortunately, this was not the case with a dog. I never found coaxing a dog to clean his teeth an easy task.

Recognizing Health Issues of Long Term Unclean Teeth

The reality is that a dog’s health can be detrimentally affected by teeth that are decaying. Because of the difficulty of accessing a dog’s teeth, we put-off that responsibility for another day. That day may not come. The result is that eventually, we discover our dog in pain with the desperate need for professional dentistry.

It is tough as the owner to see a pet suffering from pain and unable to consume a healthy meal.

Regular Vet Appointments – Are They The Only Answer for  Your Dog?

Regular visits to your veterinary clinic solely to have your dog’s teeth cleaned are ideal. Appointments such as those should be adequate for maintaining your dog’s dental health for many years.

However, the cost of regular Veterinary services can be expensive and put a strain on the best of budgets. Therefore, alternative methods to help with your dog’s dental health could be worthwhile.

Dog Dental Health Diets

Feeding your dog a diet specially planned for dental health is worth consideration.  Information is available here.

Included below are some dog chew toys which could be of help. It’s a certainty that dogs prefer the experience of an enjoyable chew, rather than a visit to the Vet.

I’ve Carefully chosen Three Dog-Chew Toys

These toys will not replace professional dental care for a dog, but they may extend the length of time between visits to the Veterinary clinic.

Within the information for each item, there are details of how that toy can benefit the dental health of a dog.  Please read those details carefully.



Bojafa Best Dog Teething Toys Ball Nontoxic Durable Dog IQ Puzzle Chew Toys for Puppy Small Large Dog Teeth Cleaning/Chewing/Playing/Treat Dispensing (2 Pack)
  • ☆ Valued and Best Pack of 2 dog toy balls: Green and Cyan with light mint scent. Help Clean Teeth and Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build Up.
  • ☆ These tough durable dog balls are made of Non-Toxic natural rubber material : more durable, healthy and puncture resistant compared with PVC and TPR.
  • ☆ Special design for dog puzzle toy balls : which can be stuffed with pet snack. Your pets will accept this toy easily and get more surprise while playing. Best Dog Toys for Boredom.
  • ☆ A smarter IQ training toys for cats puppy dogs : which can be used as dog fetch play balls for outdoor games.Keep Puppy Dogs from Chewing others.
  • ☆ Rubber Dog Teething Cleaning Toys Ideal for Cat, Puppy,Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Even Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers (ball diameter:2.8inch).

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USWT Dog Toy Puppy Toys Dogs Supplies, Interactive Doggy Dental Chew Toothbrush with Rope, Food Dispenser for Small Medium Large Chewers, Durable Corn-Shaped Molar Stick with Teeth Cleaning Function
  • This product is designed according to the features of dog's teeth, the novel designed molar protrusions are zigzag and arranged horizontally and vertically, which can thoroughly clean dog's incisors, fangs and molars when playing the toy, in addition, remove all kinds of rice residue, dirt and calculus effectively, fully protecting dog's dental health.
  • This product is made of healthy and bite resistant TPR material and tearing resistant cotton rope, which will not be deformed even if dog plays with it for a long time.When dog playing with this toy at the first time or giving the toy to a large dog, we recommend to control the playing time within 15 minutes, after which it can be increased to 20-30 minutes per day.
  • When dog is playing the toy, dog toothpaste or attractant can be applied in the teeth cleaning aisle, to attract dog's interest and truly realize the function of the dog brushing teeth by himself while playing.
  • Separate the product from the cotton rope and put dog snacks in the middle aisle, then this toy can be used as a food leaking toy. Also, the toy is suitable for dogs of any age, whether it is a small dog, a large dog, or a ferocious dog, they will be very happy.
  • Dogs use the toy frequently can fully consume their extra energy, clean teeth, improve IQ, exercise, and relieve anxiety while playing, also avoid dogs destroy furniture or clothes when the owner is not at home.

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Pawcute Dog Squeaky Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Durable Dog Chew Toys Indestructible, Puppy Chew Toy Dog Toothbrush Toys for Small Medium Large Dogs Dental Care Teeth Cleaning (Blue)
  • BUILT-IN FUNNY SQUEAKER: The squeaky dog toy is designed with built-in squeaker, which can create fun sounds, attract the dog's attention, make the dog release excess energy, and help to satisfy dogs' instinctual needs.
  • ULTRA DURABLE & BEEF FLAVOR: This almost indestructible dog chew toys made of natural durable rubber which is non-toxic. It soft and chewy, will stand the test of most aggressive chewers. And we coated a layer of BEEF SAUCE in the dog toys to greatly excite your dog and extend the playing time.
  • DOG TEETH CLEANING TOYS: The bumps and grooves of the dog toothbrush toy help clean the teeth and massage the gums, reducing the build-up of tartar and plaque. You can squeeze dog toothpaste into the groove of the dog toy for better cleaning. And this Indestructible dog toy can directly be cleaned by hand or through the dishwasher.
  • PUPPY TEETHING TOYS: The unique monster shape will attract dogs and is easy to chew and grasp. It can keep your dog away from boredom and anxiety as well as the pain of teething. It is an indispensable chew toy for dogs in the process of growth!
  • SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICE: We will do our best to provide the best services for our customers. If you have any questions about our dog chew toys, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you with the replacement or refund promptly.

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It would be great if one of these chewing toys is of benefit until you can manage regular brushing of your dog’s teeth.


Toothbrush for Small to Large Dogs

Before signing off this post, I decided to include an item that includes handheld toothbrushes and also finger toothbrushes.

If your dog shows any sign of enjoying the procedure of having his teeth cleaned, these brushes may be of help.


PenVinoo Dog Toothbrush Pet Toothbrush Finger Toothbrush Small to Large Dogs (1pack)
  • Dog Toothbrush Finger Toothbrush Pet Toothbrush Dog and Cat Toothbrush Eight brushes and Three different sets of toothbrush.These dog toothbrushes make it easier to clean your dog or cat teeth so you can eliminate plaque buildup.
  • Our dog toothbrush allows you to remove eliminate plaque buildup.Reduce plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Dental hygiene is vital to a pet. Great to use to brush any dog, puppy, cat or kitten's teeth.Finger toothbrush is perfect for removing trapped and plaque along the gum line.
  • High quality materials for our pet toothbrushes that will not harm or damage your pet's gums and teeth.

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I sincerely hope that your dog’s dental health is strong and continues to remain that way.



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