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Are You Ready to Deal With the Magic of Your Delightful New

Miniature Schnauzer Puppy?

Training Mini Schnauzer

If you are still hindering on whether a puppy is really for you, rest assured, a Miniature Schnauzer puppy will without a doubt, become your greatest companion. They will be there to greet you with excitement when you get home at the end of each day, follow you loyally around wherever you go and be your little helper in the garden.

Your puppy will be a good guard dog, constantly protecting you and your family.  Your Mini Schnauzer is extremely loveable and takes delight in participating in family life.

With all that said, this little bundle of fun will have much to learn and with careful training, he should be all that you desire in a dog.

And best of all, when you have a good understanding of your puppy’s temperament, managing him should be a true pleasure.

Personality of the Miniature Schnauzer

  • Friendly and happy
  • Very active and loves attention
  • Always pleased to alert you that someone is approaching
  • Playful and good with children
  • Great for indoor living
  • Does not shed hair easily
  • Responds well to obedience training

Things to Be Mindful of With Your Puppy

  • The Miniature Schnauzer may be possessive of his toys and food even though he is good with children, so care needs to be taken when playing with puppy, and at his meal times.

Mini Schnauzer puppy

  • He is fond of chasing anything smaller than himself and likely to give cats and rabbits a troublesome time.
  • Daily grooming of your Miniature Schnauzer puppy is necessary and professional grooming should be done every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • With regard to health the Miniature Schnauzer may have a tendency to eye, liver and skin problems. Any indication of such problems should be referred to a Veterinary Clinician.
  • Diet is of utmost importance and keeping your puppy’s weight under control is a major factor in maintaining his health. Although we love to see our pets enjoy their food every bit as much as they enjoy eating, it is of major importance not to over feed our puppies as overweight is totally detrimental to their health. So good training from the start goes a long way towards your Miniature Schnauzer being happy and healthy from a puppy right through to his mature years.


Start training your Miniature Schnauzer from Day One and
enjoy puppy’s reactions.
You can be sure he will love learning & pleasing you!

Training Mini Schnauzers, or another breed of puppy, to sit and stay are basic and valuable learning skills not only in the results of puppy responding to your commands, but also in puppy learning right from the beginning that you are the pack leader.

As the owner of your puppy you are, and always will be the pack leader and your puppy will, throughout his entire life, follow, respect and obey your commands providing that you learn and always demonstrate the correct skills of pack leader.

So if this is your first puppy you have skills to learn as well.  Your puppy’s behavior will be as good as your commands. I’m not suggesting that you expect perfection from your puppy at the start as it will take time for him to learn but, like children, puppies learn quickly.

The following  is a list of skills and habits that your puppy will need to learn so I suggest that you start with ‘Sit’ as your puppy will enjoy learning that skill and at the same time, learn to obey your commands.

And, of course, Diet and Grooming are of vital importance to ensure your puppy remains healthy.

This is intended as a guide to introduce you to training a Miniature Schnauzer whether you have already adopted or are still in the process of deciding to adopt a dog or puppy, and wondering whether or not the Miniature Schnauzer breed is the right one for you.


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  1. My daughter has a miniature schnauzer bitch who is almost two. She is very good off the lead now after a nervous start but is quite mischievous and my daughter is finding her very challenging and isn’t enjoying her at the moment. My daughter works from home and if she doesn’t give her attention she displays ‘bad’ behaviour such as scratching up the carpet. At my house she has dug up plants, chewed shoes etc and makes a dash for my dog’s bed to try and wreck it,. I wonder if she is jealous of my dog as I had her after. I think my daughter needs to retrain the dog and take control but I’m not sure how she can achieve this. I think she would willingly rehome the dog at the moment except it would upset my granddaughter too much.

    • Hi Joan,

      Thank you for your message. It is great to know your daughter has a Miniature Schnauzer. You say that puppy had a nervous start which makes me wonder if she had been abandoned prior to living with your daughter, and consequently lacked the love and feeling of security which is so essential to a young puppy.

      It is clear that this little dog is seeking attention, and knows she will get it in some form when she scratches the carpet.

      The behaviour at your place is definitely attention seeking. She wants to be leader, rather than your dog. That is normal dog behavior. It’s not jealousy as we know it, it is that she sees her role as pack leader when she is at your house.

      My opinion is that this little dog seriously needs some professional training. On this website there is a review of a professional dog trainer. His name is Daniel Abdelnoor, and he calls himself Doggy Dan. I will leave a link below that will take you to the review. There is a video within the review and I strongly recommend you and/or your daughter watch the video. The only remedy I can see for your daughter’s little dog is some professional advice and training.

      At the end of the Review there is a link which leads to more about Doggy Dan’s training. When you click on that link you will have access to more free videos to watch. Dan achieves remarkable results with his training and I’m sure it would be the same with your daughter’s Miniature Schnauzer.

      I sincerely hope this helps you and your daughter and family, including her Miniature Schnauzer. The link to the Review is below this message.


      With best wishes

  2. Hello. I love the miniature schnauzers. My sister has a female named Lexi and she is three years old. I keep her every other week and she is a joy. She is very obedient. I’ve taught her myself on and off the leash. You have to be consistent though. I let her know that I am the pack leader. I will be getting me a puppy probably the first part of 2018. Daphne Riggs of Indiana is the breeder I have chosen because she has videos of how she raises her pups from when their born up until she brings them to the new parents by airplane travel. She is very dedicated. She will be getting my baby adjusted to being a therapy dog. I was wondering if a miniature schnauzer could be trained as a Cardiac Alert Service Dog. I’m not allowed to pick up things that are heavy and the size of a miniature schnauzer would be the perfect size. I have a rare heart condition known as SCAD which my arteries unravel. So no straining or heavy lifting is out of the question. So do you think I could have my MS trained as a medical alert dog. Do you have any suggestions on someone that could train my new baby.

    • Hi Tracy, Thanks so much for your comment. It is great to hear from you and to read about your sister’s miniature schnauzer, and that she spends time with you. From what you say, it seems as though you are really good with dog training, and being consistent is the answer. Also that you let Lexi know you are the pack leader, is really great.

      To answer your question about your new miniature schnauzer being trained as a medical alert dog, I believe that she can be trained for that duty.

      However, you will need to find the right trainer as medical alert training will be a specialized.

      I don’t have experience of this type of specialized training. Also, it depends what part of the world you live in. I’m assuming that as your new dog is being breed in Indiana, you live in America. I’ve looked on the internet and I found a website about USA Service Dog Registration. This includes a list of Service Dog Trainers. Even if they are not in your State or region, I recommend you contact one, or may two of these people and ask them for help. I feel sure they will be pleased to assist you. This is the link to their website https://usaservicedogregistration.com/service-dog-training/

      Tracy, I do hope you find the right trainer, and I wish you all the best with your new dog and with the specialized training.


  3. There is no other dog in the world like a Schnauzer. We have now got our third little darling called Pepper. Our previous two died after fourteen years of age. Holly used to “talk”to us and tell us when she wanted to go out, needed more water or more food. Over her life time she understood forty phrases. I mourned her for weeks until our son gave us little Pepper. She has learned very fast. Do not hesitate to buy a Schnauzer! You will have no regrets. Best, Jean

    • Hi Jean

      I’m delighted to read about your beautiful little darling, Pepper. It’s wonderful that your son took your mind of your loss by giving you a new little Schnauzer. They certainly are gorgeous little dogs, so intelligent and so very lovable. I wish you many years of happiness with Pepper. May she have good health and stay strong throughout her lifetime.

      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving your comment.

      All the best, Valerie

  4. Hi Valerie,

    My husband and I both work on a college campus, and due to his job, we are required to live in a house on campus. We are getting a miniature schnauzer around April (the puppies are due this week), and I am preparing for its arrival and doing my research! My husband and I both grew up with dogs, however, neither of us have ever been directly responsible for one (how great are parents, right??).

    My question is, is there a link or resource page that helps with house training for working adults with a puppy? Due to us living in very close proximity to our work, it is possible to go home at lunch and let the puppy out, but not every 15 minutes which is what I’ve typically seen. I’m hoping to develop a sort of schedule prior to the puppy’s arrival at our home, if possible.

    Thank you for your help!


    • Hi Rebecca,

      Congratulations on your soon-to-be new miniature schnauzer puppy. I imagine you can hardly wait for April to arrive. It’s so wonderful having a young puppy and enjoying the different experiences as puppy develops.

      It will be very important in those first few weeks to assure puppy that he is not alone, even though you will be away from him for a few hours at a time. The last thing you need is for separation anxiety to set in, and this can happen with your puppy having just left his mother and siblings.

      The best I can offer is some free videos from a man who calls himself DoggyDan. The free videos may not give you the answer you are looking for but I suggest you watch them. If you go to the Review on my website which is a review of the Online Dog Trainer, in the last sentence click on ‘The Online Dog Trainer’ and that will take you to where you can get access to the free videos. I hope there will be something in those videos to help you. If there isn’t, you might like to consider a month’s subscription to Dan’s training. I know Dan has amazing videos explaining how to deal with all types of dog behavior. Also this might give you access to actually asking Dan your questions. I can’t guarantee that but I feel certain Dan would be happy to assist. That one month’s subscription would also give you access to a Forum where you would be able to have interaction with other dog owners.

      Whatever steps you take Rebecca, I wish you all the best with your new miniature schnauzer. I would be interested to know how things work out for you.

      Kind regards

  5. Thanks Valerie, for a wonderful post. One always need help to train such a cute dog, I worry too much about doing the right thing each time with my little dog. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks very much Lanu for your comment.

      I’m pleased you like the post, and I understand what you say about doing the right thing with training. It’s important to give our little dogs much love and care and at the same time, teach them that they need to know about the difference between right and wrong behavior.

      All the best to you and your little dog.

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