The Best Dog Chew Toys for Puppies

Best Dog Chew Toys for Puppies

Seeking the best dog chew toys for puppies can be time-consuming for dog parents.

It is no secret that some dogs get pleasure from chewing. Often this behaviour is due to a dog’s boredom.

Puppies can be persistent chewers and not fussy about what they chew. So any item a puppy can get his mouth around is good enough for him!

A Puppy That Loved to Chew a Particular Item

I recall while on a visit overseas to see family who had moved to another country fifteen months earlier. After they had settled, they decided a puppy would be great company. It wasn’t long before they were the owners of a young puppy that provided pleasure and good company.

This pup was a beautiful Golden Labrador, and as a young puppy, he loved to chew. Despite all the care and attention given to him, he would chew the cord of their electric blanket. Of course, it happened when the cord was unplugged. Thank goodness for that! Otherwise, it could have been a tragedy.

Miniature Schnauzer Pups Also Love to Chew

In the mind of a puppy, of most breeds, there are no rules when it comes to chewing!

When they see an item enticing them to chew, the puppy will oblige.

It is part of the nature of a young puppy to chew any item in his reach—things such as cushions, the edge of a floor mat, or, better still, if the rug has tassels on the edge of it!

Even the leg of a chair or table! Puppies are not fussy about what they put in their mouth. As long as it’s chewable, the puppy will at least give it a try to see if it’s going to be their chewing companion. Not ideal, admittedly.

Harm Caused Through Puppy Chewing

Chewing comes naturally to a puppy. So anything and everything that takes a puppy’s eye, he will give a try.

A puppy chewing household items can be harmful. Anything not designed for chewing by a puppy could cause a health issue. For example, an object such as a small screwdriver could damage the mouth of a puppy. Even newspaper, if the puppy got rough with it, could get stuck in the puppy’s mouth. It may not cause damage, but it may cause the puppy a heap of unpleasantness.

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How to Deal With Puppy’s Chewing Habits

One method of coping with a puppy’s chewing is to provide toys specially designed for a dog’s chewing activity. Purchasing from nearby shops may not be easy these days, but shopping online is simple.

Rather than have your puppy chew household items, your new pair of shoes or your new sun hat, providing suitable chew toys is an option.

Amazon remains a favourite Store where thousands of items are available to purchase. So, today I have chosen a few items you may be interested in to help deal with your puppy’s desire to chew whatever catches his eye!

After careful selection, I consider these three items to be some of the best dog chew toys for puppies.

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How to Stop a Dog Chewing Incessantly

Training a dog to stop chewing is possible, but it does take skill and patience on behalf of the dog’s owner.

Stopping a dog from chewing when he is left alone can be a challenge.

Dogs suffering from anxiety are known to chew anything at all.

Anxiety can result from a dog being left on his own during the day while family members are away at work. Or maybe the dog is home alone while the family are out for the evening.

A dog’s chewing may be a mischievous act rather than natural behaviour. Whatever the cause, a dog’s chewing should be dealt with for his safety.

To help stop your puppy or older dog from chewing, I recommend visiting the website of Adrienne Farricelli. Adrienne is a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer highly experienced in training dogs of all ages and breeds.

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Cool Dog Tricks Your Miniature Schnauzer Will Love to Learn

cool dog tricks your miniature schnauzer will loveWatching a dog performing tricks is one of the most pleasurable activities to be enjoyed. When it comes to performing tricks Miniature Schnauzers are no exception.  In fact, Miniature Schnauzer dogs are particularly keen on showing off their cool dog tricks.

Because of a dog’s loyalty to their owner, they just love to please and that includes performing tricks they have learned.

Most tricks are taught to dogs, but I once knew a little dog that made up his own tricks.  That little dog was very proud of his tricks and performed them to anyone who cared to join in the fun of watching him.

What Kind of Tricks Are the Best to Teach your Miniature Schnauzer

There are a great number of tricks that can be taught over and above the usual Sit and Stay.

I don’t class Sit and Stay as tricks, although I’m aware that some people do.

 Cool Dog Tricks are actions such as:

  • High Five
  • Begging
  • Shaking Hands (Paws)
  • Standing on hind legs and dancing
  • Rolling Over
  • Taking a Bow
  • Playing Dead

The trick, playing dead, might not sound the best but it is harmless and fun to watch.  The owner of the dog points his finger at the dog and says ‘bang’.  When the dog hears the word ‘bang’ he drops to the ground and lays still.

Another action great to watch is a dog intertwining his body between rows of tall pegs in the ground.  Again, this can be classed as training, as in preparing for a competition or show. It can also be considered a trick, and a valuable trick when it comes to a dog’s concentration and exercise.

Learning Tricks are Important to a Dog’s Development

Setting aside time to teach your Miniature Schnauzer some cool tricks is helpful in respect to your dog’s mental and physical health.

Playing ball games with your dog or young puppy can also be considered as tricks.  Thinking creatively about teaching your dog a certain way of catching a ball, hiding it and finding the ball again can be included in his list of cool dog tricks.

In the video below you can see a young Miniature Schnauzer dog performing her tricks.  I could see how much this dog enjoys the activity.   Her concentration and fitness level are amazing and reveal her desire to please her owner.

I once saw a dog putting his toys into his Toy Box.  It was unbelievable that a dog would be so tidy as to do that.

However, did you watch the video and see the dog placing the rings over the stem of the toy?  If so, perhaps you will agree it is possible to train a dog to put his or her toys away when finished with for the day.

Well, it’s worth a try, and can be considered as another cool dog trick your Miniature Schnauzer loves to perform.

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