Best Dog Bed for Your Miniature Schnauzer

Deciding on the best dog bed for your Miniature Schnauzer or any other breed of dog is not as easy as it sounds.  This is because there are many types of dog beds to choose from and it is important that you purchase the right one for your canine pet.

When choosing the best dog bed for your puppy it is wise to check out the size that he will be when he is fully grown so that he will still get the comfort he needs from his bed.

An adult Miniature Schnauzer expected height measures 13 to 15 inches or 33 to 36 cm.

For other breeds of dogs it is wise to check their expected adult height before purchasing a dog bed.

If you are doubtful about the size of the puppy you are purchasing for will grow to, Wikipedia is a good resource for checking details such as height and weight of many dog breeds.

Three different styles of dog beds are displayed below

K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper

Best Dog Bed for Your Miniature SchnauzerK&H Self Warming Lounge Sleeper
24-Inch by 30-Inch

This self-warming bed which measures 24” x 30” may be too large for your Miniature Schnauzer.

In saying that, this bed allows for your dog to comfortably lie stretched out, a position most dogs enjoy at times rather than being curled up like a ball.

If you have two small dogs, they would be able to lay together in comfort.

The bed is washable, and of good quality at a reasonable price.

There is a color choice of Gray Black squares or Tan Brown squares.

With the popularity of this bed, it seems certain that your Miniature Schnauzer puppy, or adult dog, will love having one to call his own.  It certainly suits the stature of the Mini Schnauzer in the image.


The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Soft Dog Beds in Grey & Brown

The Dog’s Bed, Premium PlushThe Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush

Apart from the fact that it is good training for your puppy to know that he is not allowed to sleep on your bed, by providing him with his own bed he can enjoy his own space in his warm comfortable bed that is especially for him.

Just like human beings, dogs like to have their own space and buying your puppy the best dog bed you can afford to purchase, your dog will have the pleasure of experiencing comfort that will cause him to sleep well throughout the night time, as well as during the day when he decides that he is tired and wants to go to sleep.


The Inner Diameter of this bed is 16-inch with a Height of 9-inch.

The Outer Diameter of the bed is 21-inch.

This bed is also available in Sizes of  Medium, Large and Extra Large although the sizes vary a little in shape, tending to be oblong rather than circular.

Available colors are Brown and Grey.

This is a Premium quality bed that is fully washable, waterproof and can be reversed if desired.  I haven’t had personal experience with this bed, but it does have very positive reviews and recommendations.

Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Set, Small, Black

Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog BedDeluxe Orthopedic Memory
Foam Dog Bed

Orthopedic Pet Beds are the answer for dogs suffering from arthritis or joint pain and stiffness. An Orthopedic bed can help to relieve pain and provide extra comfort due to additional soft padding included in the bed structure.

This bed is recommended for small and medium size dogs up to 10 lbs.

The bed is built with a wooden frame and orthopedic memory foam cushion which is stain resistant

Matching pillows and a mat are included.

The total size of the bed is 23-inch wide x 17-inch deep x 12-inch high.
The sleeping area is 16-inch x 14-inch
The mat size is 27-inch x 22-inch

This is shown as black but is offered in a variety of different colors.

This bed is also available in Medium and Large sizes.

I do not have personal experience with this bed but I believe it is worth viewing as it has excellent reviews and recommendations.

Also, the variety of colors and fabric design are much more attractive and appealing.

Whatever you find is the best dog bed for your Miniature Schnauzer that provides comfort, I wish you and your canine pet many years of happiness and comfort together.

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