Adopting a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

adopting a miniature schnauzer puppyAdopting a Miniature Schnauzer puppy sounds like a great idea, but I wonder if you are sure this is the right choice for you.

It is quite likely that you have decided on adopting a Miniature Schnauzer because you have a friend who owns a lovely and irresistible Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

Now I don’t blame you for falling in love with your friend’s puppy and deciding on adopting a Miniature Schnauzer yourself.  It’s a good enough recommendation as far as I’m concerned. But having been the owner of a few different breeds of dog I do recommend that you thoroughly investigate other breeds before making a final decision on which type of puppy is the right one for you to adopt.

Keep in mind that you and your puppy will be together for several years; maybe 10 or 15 years. Therefore knowing the various aspects of the breed you are adopting is of major importance.


Is the Idea of Adopting a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Yours?

An important factor to bear in mind is whether adopting a Miniature Schnauzer puppy is your decision.  Maybe you are adopting a Miniature Schnauzer puppy because it is the wish of your children.  It is important for you to want and love the puppy that you adopt. I am aware from experience, your children will one day move on and you will be the primary carer for this little puppy. By then your Miniature Schnauzer will be a much older dog needing different care and attention to what a puppy will require at this time in your life.

I can speak from experience of family leaving home to study or even moving permanently overseas and consequently my husband and I becoming the main carers of a middle-aged to elderly dog.   It wasn’t that we didn’t love him, rather it was that at that stage in our lives our time was taken up mainly with business.  We gave this puppy all the care and love that we could but we considered that his life was not quite the same because he didn’t have those young ones around him who he had become so loyal to and who had played with him daily.  When I look back, as parents, we were the ones who agreed to adopt this puppy at the time we did, not having the foresight to see ahead.  So that is a factor I feel worthwhile your serious consideration.


Thoughts To Consider Before for Adopting Any Breed of Puppy

With your desire to adopt a puppy still as strong as it was prior to reading my comments, I recommend that before you make your decision on adopting a delightful Miniature Schnauzer you give some final thought to what you will need to provide for your puppy; for example:

  • Are you absolutely decided about wanting a small breed of dog such as the Miniature Schnauzer?
  • Is  the Miniature Schnauzer temperament suited to the age of your children?
  • Could it be that you would prefer a larger sized dog?
  • Will your property suitable for a puppy; e.g. do you have a garden area where he can play?
  • Is the garden area fenced so that he can’t escape?
  • Have you given careful consideration to the ongoing expenses such as food; toys; veterinary services including vaccinations; boarding costs while you are on vacation?
  • Will there be a family member at home during the day to care for your puppy?
  • Or, will your puppy be left at home alone while family are at work, school or college and, if so, how will he be provided for during the day especially while he is very young?

The above list includes just some points to bring to your awareness and I certainly hope that whatever breed of puppy you decide on to adopt that you will have many years of love and companionship together.


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